Room 1

The Early Baktalórántháza

Introducing Baktalórántháza and the surroundings from the Bronze Age to the Mongol invasion. The archaeological replica artworks drive us back in time by four thousand years. The history of the Roman Catholic church is presented here. The fighting style of the Mongols and knights is also introduced by medieval sources.

Room 2

Medieval Centuries

The history of Hungary and Europe in the Middle Age. How did Anjou and other kings live and fight? What innovations in military technology helped the medieval soldiers win? What was medieval music like? What kind of money did people use? All these questions are answered in this room.

Room 3

Barkóczy Room

The history of Baktalórántháza and the neighbouring settlements during the Ottoman Hungary. Decades of István Bocskai, Gábor Báthori, Gábor Bethlen, György Rákóczy. The Barkóczi family became the owner of Bakta and Lórántháza in the era. We can find the last will of László Barkóczi, from 1659. It is also possible to listen to the music of the era.

Room 4

The Károlyis and the Hallers

Sándor Károlyi, a captain, a politician, founder of the Károlyi “empire”. By his marriage to Klára Barkóczi, Bakta and Lórántháza joined to the Károlyi family’s enormous possession of lands. We learn the role of Bakta during the Rákóczi War of Independence. There were interesting changes in the history of the mansion.

Room 5

Dégenfeld Room

The history of the uprising Europe and the Revolutions of 1848-1849. The young owner of the restored mansion plays an important role in leading the country after the Revolution. The adventurous story of the 48th battalion and its flag is presented.

Room 6

Decades of the Reform Era

Back to the 19th century! We can get familiar with Hungarian and European fashion of the era. The background music helps us understand life and fashion of the Reform Era. Of course, there is information about Bakta and the mansion during the first decades of the 19th century.

Room 7

Gentlemen’s Passion

Hunting, card games, coffee, and so on. There are other activities to describe how “gentlemen” spent their time at the end of 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century. Moreover, contemporary pieces of furniture and objects help us understand the everyday life of noblemen. The taste and fashion of noblemen is also presented here accompanied by contemporary gramophone hits.

Room 8

Children’s World

It is the smallest room of the mansion. Here we find stories of children of previous ages. Toys were always important means of education. The contemporary furniture gives us a better picture about the lives of noble children.

Room 9

Women’s Saloon

Women also had passions, of course. In this room the contemporary furnishing helps us imagine what the life of a baroness or a countess was like. We learn about wash, what their habits were, and how they dressed.

Room 10

The World of Science

The history of Baktalórántháza is rich in historical figures, events, and unique things. Several important historical figures were born or lived in the mansion. In the garden of the mansion world-famous discoveries were made. In the forest famous and important species live today, just like centuries ago.